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Push Pull Legs – The Foundation Program

Push Pull Legs – The Foundation Program

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Experience: Beginner & Intermediate

Goal: Gain Muscle & Strength


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Product Description

Unleash Your Strength with My Push Pull Legs Program - The Ultimate Foundation for Your Fitness Journey. The Program is meticulously designed for all gym enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive workout routine that caters to your individual needs and goals. This program is not just a workout; it's a roadmap to strength, endurance, and a healthier you.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile and Inclusive: Tailored for all gym goers, regardless of experience levels, My Push Pull Legs Program is versatile and adaptable, making it the perfect foundation for anyone looking to elevate their fitness journey.

  2. Strategic 3-Phase Structure: My program unfolds in three distinct phases, each spanning 15 weeks. This strategic approach ensures a gradual progression, allowing you to build a solid foundation, maximize gains, and continually challenge yourself.

  3. Precision in Programming: Experience a meticulously crafted regimen that focuses on the fundamental movements of push, pull, and leg exercises. With clear guidance, you'll perform each exercise with intention, enhancing both form and effectiveness. 

  4. A technical formulated excel sheet that will calculate and record your weight & reps during your fitness journey. In addition you will get 75+ exercise replacement and videos outlining how to do each exercise. 

Why Choose My Push Pull Legs Program - The foundation program?

Invest in your fitness foundation with a program that is not just a workout routine but a transformative journey. My Push Pull Legs Program sets the stage for sustainable fitness progress, empowering you to reach new heights. Join the community of individuals committed to their fitness goals and make My Push Pull Legs Program the catalyst for your fitness evolution. Start today and discover the strength that lies within you.